designed for data scientists

Build and deploy enterprise machine learning apps at scale

Get better AI-powered solutions to market faster

Go from idea to code to a shipped product within no time.

Cloud Data Science Workbench
No setup, configurations or dependency management. Your entire workspace is always available in your browser anytime, anywhere.
Instant Deploy
Deploy your production-grade microservices, full-stack machine learning applications with a single command.
Scale On-demand
Start small and scale your applications as you grow. Use industry best practices without the work or overheads.

Simplify your AI application development

Prototype, build, deploy, monitor, and scale complex ML apps right from your browser.

Run machine learning experiments with ease

No SSH, or manual setup or complex dependency management. Start with pre-built runtimes with support for CUDA, cuDNN, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch and other the popular libraries and frameworks. Work with a variety of data types, experiment with model architectures and hardware setups. Version your experiments and reproduce later.

Build data products, deploy with a single command

Serve your models as production-grade microservices, build an API gallery for your developers or deploy a full-stack deep learning application. Monitor your apps and services using centralized logs and metrics. Schedule automatic re-training and rollbacks as required.

On-demand cloud machines for machine learning

Provision powerful cloud machines for a variety of experiments. No more low-level scripting or waiting for IT. Start and stop the machines on-demand with ease.

Autonomy for data scientist to control data products from idea to production

What makes rorodata different?

Productizing machine learning in the cloud is hard. We make it simple, faster, cheaper and better.

100% cloud-based, no local setup, no complex on-boarding.
Simple API to train, deploy and scale. Zero additional learning.
Top-notch support from engineers who know the system.
Container technology to efficiently use the infrastructure and productionize your apps quickly.
Saves you a lot of time, money and human resource spent on upfront research and development of infrastructure.

Components built for data scientists

Growing library of runtimes and data engineering plugins for your machine learning apps.

Quick Demo

Easy to get started

Our PaaS is thoughtfully designed to integrate with your enterprise infrastructure.

Managed Service
  • Service hosted on our servers
  • Self-service mode for individual users
  • Setup, and training for enterprise users
  • Affordable plans
On-premise or Virtual Private Cloud
  • Service hosted on your servers - AWS, GCP, Azure or Bare Metal
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Top-notch technical support and professional services
  • Trainings and workshops

We love academic projects, write to us with your details for discounted rates.

Streamline and scale your machine learning workflows with low risk

Our mission is to provide everyone with the best set of tools build vertical AI applications. We believe in that right software abstractions, and superior developer experience will encourage everyone to develop data products fast. We strive to make tools to turbocharge productivity of data science teams and democratize AI.